Make Your Look-a-Like Doll

Look-a-like dolls are the perfect gigt for a special
person, a person with style.You can surprise your
friend or family member with a personalized doll
and this gift will be unforgettable.

Our Doll Dimenssions:

11-13 inches (30-35 cm)

Doll Body:

100% Cotton Yarn

Clothing and Accessories:

Fabric or cotton yarn it depends on the details of the style.

Min Age

3 and up

Please W8

Create My Look-A-Like Doll

Step 1


upload minimum 3 picture as 2 different looks.we’ll
check out both of them and get back to you which one
we start to create.please make sure you uploaded two
different looks which are included shoes.whole dress
and details and a close up portait picture. photos
quality should be high and we can see every color
and details for the best result.

Step 2

Select Color

please write colors of the eyes, hair, skin, etc for
getting the best the best result.

Step 3

Additonal Clothes & Accessories

Your doll comes with the outfit of the original photo.
If you want to add an extra outfit for your doll please add a photo of an example.
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