"Teach how to fish,

instead of giving a fish.”

We are two women who have dreams. We started our journey in a different country and now we are living in the US, land of opportunities.

We were accompanied by our dreams on our life journey. Our dreams inspired us to create a brand enhanced by women power.


We believe in women’s power.

We believe in women’s dreams.

We believe women have to be stronger to make their dreams come true.

That’s why Cuddoll is a brand that came out of women labor.

Each toy is handcrafted by women who are developing self-esteem as they feel financially comfortable.

Cuddoll is produced by mothers who share their hearts, their dreams, and their passions with your dolls.

That’s why each of them is unique!

The unique affinity: A lifelong friend

Your Cuddoll doesn’t just belong to your childhood.

It’s your lifelong friend.

It’s a memoir from your past.

It’s your confidant…

Your buddy…

Your #BFF…

Cuddoll will be the only toy you keep through your adulthood.

They are your lifelong friends.

A friend reminds you of your childhood innocence.

Cuddoll is a heirloom you can pass to your offspring.

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