``Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale``

Look-Alike dolls are the most meaningful possessions for you and your loved ones!

The Cuddoll Personalized Look-A-Like Doll is an adorably unique and made-to-order personalized gift that will bring the biggest smiles! Your loved one's new identical bestie is super soft, cuddly, and made from the safest cotton yarn, making it the perfect comfort buddy.

Once upon a time, a little girl born in a small town had big dreams.
One day her dreams became reality. She left everything in her past in moved to a different part of the world. At age 27, leaving her family behind she moved to LA to accomplish her goals.
In her toughest times, a prince with a white horse became her savior. Their love for each other grew which led to the birth of the miracle baby Myra. They wanted to give the best gift for this miracle baby but they realized that the most special gift was her birth and nothing can be more special than her. This idea led to the creation of her Look-Alike as an heirloom toy. This one of a kind doll was created by magical hands who put in their love and heart. This special doll became her bestie and created magical moments together.
And they lived happily ever after...

Our Family Stands For a Sustainable Future For All!


Together, we partnered up with an organization to create a working environment for women who need emotional and financial support to start over and live a healthy life. We have built several workshop studios within this organization in Turkey to teach these women how to fish! We have an open-door policy. From beginners to experienced handcrafters, they are all welcome to join our team to create, share, and heal! We are now healing and supporting these amazing, passionate moms by putting their creativity to work making unique, handmade crafts in a safe and supporting environment. My mother is also one of them… We are stronger together. Making her granddaughter’s first doll was priceless for my mother. And just like that, Cuddoll and Look-Alike Doll were born. Our family stands for happy moments shared with our loved ones. It stands for a sustainable future for all, and it stands for all the women out there who have dreams. So, join our growing Look-Alike Doll family, support the women, and give someone you love a lifelong friend and an heirloom doll.